Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Halloween pics, finally!

We are in the middle of renovating our Kitchen and Hall Bath!!! (hope you enjoy it at Christmas-mom, Fred, and Dustin) and I've been planning our next big ward event, the Christmas Party...... so I've been a little busy.

But I promised some Halloween pics.......

Have a link to flicker for our Halloween pictures that my friend Katherine took. For some reason they wouldn't show up when I saved them to my computer. Oh well just click on the links to see the photos.....

Me as the Octomom! Complete with huge lips, long flowing hair, Juicy Sweatsuit, and 3 babies in my baby bjorn and 5 in the stroller!

Here's Jamie as exercise guroo Tony Little
doesn't he look just like the real deal?

Zac wanted to be a ghost, but was having a hard time seeing cuz his eye holes kept moving around, so I pinned them in place, and he ended up looking like a muslim woman!

Landon was Dirk Nowenski or a "basketball boy" if you asked him. He ate more cotton candy, popcorn, cupcakes, and lollypops that day than he's every had in his whole life!!

there it is..... sorry to make you click on links. gotta get back to my construction zone, I mean house!


Becky Rogers said...

You have the best costume. Love it. Your family picts. are super cute...if you guys do Christmas cards, I'd better get one! :)
18868 E. Superstition Dr.
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Kristin and Guy said...

Fun pix! You guys are creative. ...And good luck w/those renovations. Always best when it's all over. :)

Jeni said...

You're hilarious Amber! Loved your costume!